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We provide Nursing home service, New born, Neuro patients, ICU patient health care, Physiotherapy, Elderly care, Nursing, Nurse, and Medical product home services.

For a long time, we have been providing services with utmost efficiency, reliability, and dedication.

nursing home care service

নার্সিং হোম কেয়ার সার্ভিস যে পরিষেবাগুলি দিচ্ছে, নার্সিং হোম পরিষেবা, নিউরো রোগীর যত্ন, আইসিইউ রোগীর যত্ন, শিশুর যত্ন হোম পরিষেবা, বয়স্ক বৃদ্ধদের সার্বক্ষণিক যত্ন, ফিজিওথেরাপি, হাসপাতাল/ ক্লিনিকে রোগীর সাথে ২৪ ঘন্টা কেয়ারগিভারস, এনজি ফিডিং, আইভী ক্যানুলা, ইঞ্জেকশন পুশিং, স্যালাইন পুশিং, সার্জিক্যাল ড্রেসিং, অক্সিজেন সরবরাহ ইত্যাদি।

Elder Care Home BD

elder care home bd

Patient Home Care

patient home care

Nursing Home service

nursing home care

All the nursing home services provided

home health care

Patient Care Home Nursing Service in Dhaka Bangladesh 

Medical equipment sell and rent oxygen cylinders, 

Home Health Care BD

Home health care Nursing provider in Dhaka BD ensuring 

Caregiver Service Dhaka  home service in provides quality care 

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Nursing Home Care
Taka 800 Day
  • 12 Hours in a day/night
  • Educations: SSC, HSC
  • Degree training Nurse
  • Old Age Care
  • Patient's hygienic
  • Baby care
  • Hospital discharge care
  • Nurse Food: Includedht)
  • Shift (day or night)
  • Nurse Food: Included
  • Price Negotiable


Nursing Home Care
Taka 1000 Day
  • 12 Hours in a day/night
  • General patient care
  • Elderly care
  • Post-natal care
  • New-born baby care
  • Patient's hygienic
  • Hospital discharge care
  • Shift (day or night)
  • Nurse Food: Included
  • Price Negotiable
  • Feed every two hours


Nursing Home Care
Taka 1200 Day
  • 12 Hours in a day/night
  • Handling critical patients
  • Post-operative patients
  • NICU, ICU, Surgical patient
  • Palliative patients
  • Shift (day or night)
  • Nurse Food: Included
  • Feed every two hours
  • Hospital discharge care
  • Post-natal care
  • Price Negotiable


Affordable & Best Quality Nursing Home Care Service in 2024

Are you looking for skilled, experience and registered nurses to health care in Dhaka for your family’s elderly parents or sick people? Get help from the best caregivers providing all home care services.

Nursing Home Care BD

The Best Nursing Home Services  in Bangladesh, Professional Home Care Nursing, Experienced Home Health Care, Skilled Nursing for Elderly, Post-Surgical Care, Palliative Care Assistance, Rehabilitation Therapies, Medical Social Services, Expert Case Management.

“At NHCS, we understand the growing need for professional home health attendant services and home nursing. Specializing in post-hospital care, rehabilitation and palliative care, our skilled team ensures patients’ well-being at home. Whether it’s elder care, post-surgical recovery, or In chronic disease management, NHCS is committed to providing top-notch healthcare.

Our services range from skilled nursing and rehabilitation therapy to medical social services, case management and home health attendant services. We serve a variety of needs including parenteral and enteral nutritional therapy, behavioral and mental health counseling, hospice, and palliative care. NHCS provides medical equipment rental and specialized treatments such as wound care, urinary catheterization, feeding tube insertion, and infusion therapy.

With decades of experience in home nursing visits, NHCS employs state-of-the-art protocols and processes to ensure the highest quality care. Our goal is to keep patients at home, where recovery is optimized, the risk of infection is minimized, and hospitalizations are minimized.

Choose NHCS for comprehensive, compassionate and expert nursing care services. To experience the best internal healthcare, contact us today.

1. Old Care Home in Bangladesh:
Elderly care nursing has gained significance with an aging population. Old care homes provide a safe, nurturing environment for seniors, offering them both medical attention and companionship.

2. Home Health Care BD:
Quality health care doesn’t always require a hospital visit. Home Health Nursing Care BD brings medical services, treatments, and professionals straight to your doorstep, ensuring your loved ones receive the best care without the need to travel.

3. Patient Care Home Service BD:
With the flexibility of home-based care, Patient Care Home Service BD specializes in offering personalized health services tailored to the patient’s needs nursing. Whether it’s post-surgical care or routine check-ups, this service ensures patients get timely attention.

4. Home Care Assistant:
Sometimes, all we need is a helping hand. Home Care Assistants are trained professional skilled nurses in offering support for daily tasks, ensuring the well-being of the individual at home.

5. Caregiver Service Dhaka:
For residents in Dhaka, the Caregiver Service offers expert caregivers equipped to handle various health needs. From providing physical therapy sessions to managing medications, these caregivers bring peace of mind to families.

6. Baby Care at Home:
New parents often feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring & nursing for a newborn. Baby Care at Home services offers expert advice and hands-on assistance, ensuring that both the baby and parents receive the support they need during the crucial early months.

Why They Love Us
“I am currently taking their nursing service from them, all of them are very good minded.”
Emma Hart
“The nursing service of this institution is very good and you can take it if you want.”
Dianna Johnson
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