Affordable & Best Quality Care Home Service In Dhaka BD

Best Quality Care Home Service In Dhaka BD

Care home service, which is long-term care or nursing service at home, is basically a matter that we take care of sick people at home to properly serve them and help them recover quickly. Those tasks organized and systematically managed by skilled nurses are called nursing home care and care home services. It is a type of health care that is provided to elderly and sick people who require round-the-clock treatment and assistance with activities of daily living due to illness, disability, or age-related reasons. These facilities are designed to provide a variety of services and supports for individuals who may not be able to care for themselves independently.

What is nursing home care?

Nursing home care provides medical care, personal assistance and a safe living environment to individuals with various health care needs. This may include the elderly, those with chronic illnesses, those recovering from surgery or those with disabilities. It can be a residential facility where individuals live full-time, or it can be served in the individual’s own home through home health care services.

Importance of nursing home care and care home service in Bangladesh:

Nursing home care is essential in Bangladesh, as it is provided by a structured and professional nurse to meet the healthcare needs of the elderly and individuals. With a growing elderly population, nursing homes play an important role in providing medical care, rehabilitation and social support to those who do not have family members to care for them. They ensure that the elderly and sick receive the attention and care they need, improving their quality of life.

All the services you can get from nursing home care and care home services

Our Services
1. Caregivers will provide 24-hour home care to any patient who is positive/negative for Covid-19.
2. Caregivers can also be taken at home for hours/months/years.
3. Pregnant mothers can be taken for round-the-clock care.
4. 24 hours physiotherapy service will be provided.
5. Home will be filled with medicines.
6. Oxygen will be supplied.
7. Bringing patients to and from the hospital and keeping caregivers with the patient 24/7 if necessary.
8. A doctor will be sent to the emergency room.
9. Caregivers can be kept with patients 24 hours a day in hospitals/clinics.
10. Specialist doctors can be seen online.
11. Continuous care of the elderly.
12. Blood pressure and diabetes are measured.
13. Nebulization.
14. NG feeding.
15. Ivy cannula.
16. Injection pushing.
17. Saline pushing.
18. Surgical dressing.
19. Catheterization (inserting a urinary tube).
20. NG tube insertion.
21. Stitch (any type of cut-and-tear stitch).
22. Taking care of children of working people.
All nursing services including etc. are provided.
Care Home Services brings modern and quality services. We have a team of young and experienced Diploma and B.Sc nurses who are ready to serve you. Services you will get from us:
1. Servants/ Nurses will be present at the workplace on time.
2. According to the doctor’s prescription —
* All types of injections (IV, IM, insulin)
* IV channel care (cannula)
* Catheter care
* Timely delivery of medication
3. Regular dressing facilities (bedsores and other wounds).
4. Blood pressure measurement.
5. Blood glucose test.
6. Nebulization service.
7. Physiotherapy care of paralysis patients.
8. Supply of all types of medical and surgical supplies.
9. Skilled staff service for round the clock care of bedridden patients staying at home.
10. Supply of oxygen to patients with respiratory distress.
11. Special care for Dementia/Alzheimers patients.
12. To arrange collection of blood, urine, sputum etc. for various pathological tests at home and arrange for testing from modern labs.
13. Enema care provision.
14. Facilitation of operation of gynecology and surgery cases at low cost in clinics and hospitals by experienced surgeons.
15. Providing health awareness advice.

How do nursing home care nurses care for the elderly and sick at home?

In home health care, nurses visit the patient’s home to provide care. Monitors vital signs and symptoms of illness or injury. Assists with daily activities including hygiene and mobility.
Educate patients and their families about managing their condition.

What is the current cost of nursing care at home?

One of the things you need to keep in mind when hiring home care home services is paying the nurses’ bills. Currently, a nurse in Bangladesh earns taka 700 and a diploma nurse earns taka 1000 per day. Besides, the actual cost of nursing services depends on the activity of the patient. For this reason, it is not possible to determine what the cost will be every month if nursing services and care home services are taken at home. The estimated cost may be around 20 to 30 thousand taka per month.

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