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  • Areti Oxygen Concentrator Ae-5

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    Areti Oxygen Concentrator AE-5

    As an authority on COPD, PSA Gas Separation Technology is used by AE-5 Oxygen Concentrator and CECA molecular sieve imported by France. The White Collar, the Pregnant, the students, the elder, and the patients are very famous. In hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, beauty salons, and other places you can find our oxygen concentrators.

    What are the Features of our oxygen concentrator?
    • PSA Technology
    • The large LCD display of total working hours and current working hours
    • Control time function (10 MIN-5 HOURS)
    • Resettable Circuit Breaker
    • Five-stage filters (HEPA filter and bacteria filter) keep away most of the impurities, bacteria and PM2.5 • Intelligent self-diagnosis system: LCD display of malfunction information
    • Intelligent Cooling Control Sys.

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