Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 10L


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  • Flow Specification Total 10 LPM (Dual 5 LPM each)
  • Oxygen Concentration 93%+3%
  • Power Consumption 750 Watts
  • Average Noise Level <60dB(A)
  • Dimensions (mm) 390*350*720MM
  • Weight 29.5KG
  • Warranty  2 Years
  • Flow Specification Total 10 LPM (Dual 5 LPM each)
  • Oxygen Concentration 93%+3%
  • Power Consumption 750 Watts
  • Average Noise Level <60dB(A)
  • Dimensions (mm) 390*350*720MM
  • Weight 29.5KG Warranty  1 Year



An oxygen concentrator is a device that collects oxygen by means of the Pressure Swing Adsorption Methodology (PSA Technology) to separate nitrogen from ambient air. It supplies a high concentration of oxygen and is used with a nasal cannula to channel oxygen from the concentration to the patient.
1. It comes with 02 (two) flow-meters having flowed from 0-5 liter and 0-10 liter per minute, it can be delivery 5LPM oxygen with 2 persons at the same time, and can delivery 10LPM with one person.
2. Purity of oxygen has more than 93%+/-3%
3. It also has a built-in nebulizer.
4. Double Flowmeter has illuminating during the night.
5. The machine has high-temperature indicators with alarms, the machine should shut off in case of high temperature.
6. The machine has an audiovisual alarm (or power failure, low oxygen level, low pressure).
7. The machine has an oxygen purity indicator and alarm if the oxygen purity level decreases below 82%.
8. The machine has built-in casters for easy mobility and a handle/handgrip for an easy movement facility.
9. The machine has a digital LED/LCD timer sholving aggregate run time of the machine and also a time counter since the machine put on for use.
10. Provision in timer for setting the time of use with ten-minute variation, and the machine should shut off automatically after set timing.
11. This machine has O2Air suction inlet filters, and it is easy to replace and maintain.
12. Power Supply 220-24A VAC; 50 Hz
13. The machine has an inbuilt safety mechanism for voltage fluctuation.
14. The machine is user-friendly, quiet (for restful sleep) & safe.
15. The machine has provided with cover nasal cannula & Humidifier- 2 sets and 2 pcs of the filter inside and descriptive working manual. Accessories go with supplied as per 2 flow-meters.
16. The machine has provided with 2 years warranty

Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 10L

1. German technology
2. Own patent
3. French molecular sieve
4. Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
5. The two functions of oxygen generation and atomization. Oxygen concentration can be used For 2 people at the same time
6. Application range: 0-5000 m altitude 7.5L and 10L can be switched freely

Technology German process air compressor, French molecular sieve, Dual filter system, Frosted plastic shell, Silent pulley, LCD, High-quality motor, Anti-aging test.

Quality High quality, Pass SGS Certification. 

Model OZ-10-02
Brand of Origin Germany
Manufacturing China 


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Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 10LOwgels Oxygen Concentrator 10L